.NET developer

Our services continue to be in high demand and we’re expanding the .NET team with another developer. As a developer at IVEO you’ll work with varying tasks in both smaller and large projects, and be a part of most stages in most of what we do on the .NET side. We are often the lead project manager and thanks to experienced and technically knowledgeable project managers, most common distractions and disturbances never get close to you, allowing for more time spent coding and higher efficiency.

We work in small teams in all projects and all members influence the development. You’ll have excellent opportunities to learn a lot from our experienced developers, but we’re hoping you can also teach us a new trick or two. If you as a developer want to learn something new, we always try to find projects that provide the opportunity to grow and improve. One of the dev team’s greatest strengths is that we constantly make sure to stay up to date with new tech and continuously work to use the most optimal tools available for each project. If we feel that something isn’t working for us we’ll build something of our own, make pull requests to existing projects, or find some other tool that works better. We go with the best solutions.

We are looking for CANDIDATES who:
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience with .NET development
  • Have worked with Episerver (or another CMS)
  • Are genuinely interested and stays updated on the latest technology
  • Experience with e-commerce
  • Episerver proficiency

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