Swedish Match

Strategy and e-commerce in a regulated market

IVEO is a digital partner to Swedish Match with a focus on e-commerce. Our collaboration began with the fact that Swedish Match wanted to offer the same experience to all its customers as in their 4 concept stores in Sweden and asked IVEO to look more closely.

The vision "Becoming a digital leader within FMCG" was established early in our collaboration and formed the basis of the digital strategy and feasibility study IVEO developed together with Swedish Match. This resulted in the first place that Swedish Match now has the opportunity to offer its entire range of snus to the whole of Sweden via the e-commerce that IVEO has developed.

Operating model, capabilities and technology

During the strategy work, IVEO was commissioned to investigate and evaluate how an e-commerce fits in with the offer, how it can be run, what abilities and technologies are required and develop a comprehensive plan for implementation in the organization. This was done through a number of workshops and interviews with a number of “stakeholders” in the organization and the technical evaluation took off in the organization's future opportunities.

  • Situation Analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Recommended organizational capabilities
  • Recommended technical capabilities and architecture

World-class e-commerce

After preliminary work and strategy, Swedish Match chose to continue with an investment in e-commerce. IVEO was then given the task of developing e-commerce as well.

Overall project responsibility

IVEO has from start to finish been responsible for leading the project and guaranteeing its success. The assignment included leading a project group consisting of employees from 6 parties, including IVEO's team.

Design and UX

As part of the assignment, IVEO has been responsible for all UX and design in the new solution. The goal was to inspire and give the same feeling that customers get when they enter one of Swedish Match's own stores. Connected to there are and innovative interfaces and an intuitive purchase flow to facilitate conversion.

EPiServer and Storm Commerce

Storm Commerce is a competent e-commerce system for handling high transaction volumes and wide / deep product ranges. Storm is a so-called. headless e-commerce platform, which means that we as a supplier can choose the CMS that is best suited for the customer's editorial wishes and tailor the e-commerce experience without restrictions. The integration between Storm and EPiServer is deep and well-tested thanks to the adapter / module “EPi & Storm Adapter” that we at IVEO have developed and manage over time. This adapter is only offered to IVEO's clients.

Responsibility and BankID

Swedish Match operates in a regulated industry where there is a large regulatory framework to take into account. An especially important check that is required for anyone who uses tobacco products is age. In order to take maximum responsibility, even on the Internet, age verification via BankID has been implemented at checkout. The age check is mandatory for anyone who wants to order their snuff home for the mailbox. Upon delivery to the agent or directly to the door, the carrier checks the age of the customer.

Find and explore

With the help of extensive product data imported from Swedish Match MDM, we have been able to develop broad filtering possibilities and intuitive functions so that consumers can find the right snuff, based on parameters such as taste, strength, type, variety, format, brand and product family etc. Website data (information pages, category pages, brand pages, news, mixes, etc.) as well as products are exported from the website and indexed in the SaiS search engine EPiServer Find. Find is configured to handle misspellings and present related hits to the search phrase.

EPiServer DXC

E-commerce itself is run in EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud (DXC), which is the cloud solution that EPiServer offers. This provides an extremely stable and easy operation for Swedish Match with 24/7 readiness and automatic scaling with zero-downtime deployment.

"IVEO has delivered beyond expectations and has the ability to deliver all parts of strategy, design and technology."
Marcus Barnden – Head of Digital and E-commerce Swedish Match

Smart and efficient complaints

A common defect among e-commerce companies is the handling of complaints. Often, consumers need to spend a lot of time and energy to send back the goods and everything that usually fills in physical forms with the reason for the claim. To simplify this scenario, we have created a complaint flow on, integrated with the customer service tools. By collecting information that is on the snuff box, we can quickly create a case mapped to the correct product, date of production and production batch which can then be handled automatically by customer service personnel and send out reimbursements.

Shops and book snus course

Swedish Match's physical stores have an important place in new e-commerce. Not least because the snus experts in the stores have had valuable input into the digital offering, but also because the stores' highly attractive "snus courses" are available for booking. The stores log into EPiServer and define which times are available for the coming month (s) and thus open up for booking these times. Pricing based on the number of participants and price / availability may differ between stores. The bookings are sent directly to the store for further correspondence / planning between course participants and the store.

Subscribe to snus

A welcome news for Sweden's snus is the opportunity to subscribe to snus. As easy as shopping / checking out a regular order, the visitor can choose to subscribe to their shopping cart. It is no more difficult than choosing an interval for how often the subscription should be delivered. Consumers can shop both via cards and Klarna Invoice for recurring payments. On "my pages" the subscription can be paused or the interval can be adjusted.

Snus made to order

For some time, as part of its offering, Swedish Match has let its customers mix their own snuff in Swedish Match's own stores. An intermediate goal in the production of the new e-commerce was to digitize this offer and open up “Mix your own snuff” for everyone.

After a brief descriptive “tutorial”, the visitor enters the “blender” where two so-called. “Bases” and two “Filling flavors” should be selected. For example, how do licorice, raspberries, ginger and honey sound?

The visitor is allowed to adjust the balance (taste intensity) of the different flavors relative to each other. The bases basically have a more prominent character, while the filling flavors are slightly weaker.

Finish. Of course, a touch of something that "grabs hold" is required a little. How does pepper or chili sound? Sort - desired portion or loose. After placing an order, a production order is sent and the mixing team takes over.

About Swedish Match

Swedish Match is a global company with strong local brands and has a long history in Sweden. They are a traditional B2B player who, in recent years, has started the journey towards meeting consumers in a new way, thereby strengthening their position and brands.

  • Digital strategy
  • Unified commerce strategy
  • Market expansion
  • Solution architecture
  • Pre-studies
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital style guide
  • Digital concepts
  • Prototyping
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Integration architecture